Our Brain Development


As we grow, sometimes these connections is our brain don't form as well as they should and this can affect our behaviour, our learning and how we interact with the world around us.  The healthy connections in our brain can also be damaged through traumatic experiences that occur as we develop or later later in our lifetime. 

What is Brain Training?



This is just a fancy word that describes the way our brain can rewire and reconnect itself.  The latest scientific research shows that connections between different parts of our brain can grow stronger or weaker depending on how we use them.

Brain Training


These Neurofunctional Interventions harness the power of neuroplasticity through movement, games and activities to stimulate and strengthen healthy brain connections.  Strengthening these pathways has been shown to help children and people of all ages (including those with ASD, ADHD, Behaviour, and Attachment Disorders) to better focus, learn and connect with the world around them.